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100% Indigenous-owned profit for purpose

Indigenous Strategies  |  Brand Presence | Cultural Education | Recruitment | On-Boarding | Retention | People Development | Talent Identification


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Building Successful Indigenous programs for over 13 years.

Revolution is a 100 percent Aboriginal owned and profit for purpose company. Founded by Brendan Littlechild, a proud Narungga / Ngarrindjeri man, Revolution is passionate about community, change and progression. He is an expert in his field who believes in the development of people and organisations through exposure, education & skills development.

Indigenous Strategy

Engagement • Connection to communities • Developing and implementing Reconciliation Action Plans • Implementing Strategies • Distinguishing opportunities

Recruitment & Retention

• Brand Promotion,  Recruitment,  Selection,  Onboarding • Trainees, Apprentices Cadets, Graduates, Direct Hire • All levels, All industries, National

Strategic Planning

Vision & Mision •  Values Driven • People & Culture Change • Goal orientated • Objectives to Company Drivers • Action Plans and Measureable

Coaching Programs

Goal Setting • Identify talents • Build on skill and experience • Outcome driven • Self-awareness • 1 on 1 or group approach

Accredited Leadership Programs

Accredited University pathway • Tailored programs • Experience, culture & networking • Employee engagement •  Health & Wellbeing • Personal Development • Team building

People Engagement, Change & Transformation

Frontline • Involvement & ownership • Deliverables & milestones • Transparency around accountability • People outcomes

We are about profit for purpose

Revolution is a profit for purpose company that operates to achieve social outcomes.  Revolution operates like any other commercial organisation, the difference being that supporting the community is our priority.

Revolution aims to maintain its financial viability while providing economic, social and environmental benefit to communities.

We want to contribute toward employment, development opportunities and services for all involved.

We are innovative and creative in our approach to empowering people and building sustainable capability and prosperity for communities.

Our Philosophy

Creating change through opportunity, education and employment that is sustainable and far reaching

Inspiring people with shared vision and purpose

Revolution has extensive experience in supporting the design, implementation and monitoring of reconciliation action plans across the following settings:

  • Banking, Finance and Insurance
  • Transport and Logistics
  • National NFP’s and NGO’s
  • Technology
  • Tourism / Hospitality
  • Construction
  • Defence

Dedicated To Raising Up New Generations Of Aboriginal Business Leaders & Employees

Revolution’s capability and experience to deliver sustainable outcomes across business strategy, planning, workforce development, recruitment, on-boarding and professional development spans across multiple industries including:

        • Aviation
        • Banking/Finance/Insurance
        • Defence
        • Technology
        • Transport and Logistics
        • Hospitality
        • Medical / Health
        • Construction
        • Government

        Revolution looks forward to innovating and creatively pursuing sustainable and transformational change with people, communities and organisations.

Managing Director

Brendan Littlechild

Brendan Littlechild

Brendan hails from Wynyard on the North-West Coast of Tasmania.  He is a proud member and descendent of the Narrunga people from the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia and the Ngarrindjeri people of the Lower Murray River, Coorong and Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.  

Brendan’s formative years were spent growing up in Papua New Guinea (PNG) where the Melanesian culture influenced and shaped his values and attitudes and became an intrinsic part of his DNA.  Having completed his schooling in PNG and returning to Australia, he found the people, culture and experience profoundly impacted him and cultivated a desire to advocate for the self-determination and prosperity of others.

Brendan has worked in the Youth/Community/Social Work sector with The Salvation Army over a number of years including Federal Government funded and community-based projects.  Much of this work focused on reconnecting young people to education, training and employment pathways.

Prior to creating Revolution, Brendan established and continues to operate a highly successful consultancy assisting organisations to develop strategies and frameworks to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural safety, engagement, employment and procurement.  

Prior to this, Brendan was the National Manager – Indigenous Programs for a national not-for-profit organisation.  Over the course of 10 years, he grew the Indigenous program into a national team with a presence across every state and territory. Through this work he developed a national corporate client base and network of partner organisations.  

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